christmas letter in shape of treeIf you want to do something unusual with your Christmas letter this year, Christmas Letter has a great idea for you – make your Christmas letter shaped like a Christmas tree. The technique is very manual, but not particularly difficult, so anyone should be able to do it if you’ve got a word processing program or even an old typewriter.

To make your letter in the shape of a tree,  you set your text to center alignment and then you a manual return at the end of each line to make each one successively longer than the next. To give it even more appearance of a tree, you can make your font green. Advanced users who have Christmas fonts on their computer or even a font like Zingbats or Wing Dings may want to break up the text by placing colored circles, stars or other objects in the middle of the text to represent decorations on the tree.

For more instructions, see How to Create a Christmas Letter in the Shape of a Christmas Tree at Christmas Letter





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