electronic christmas letterWhen you mention holidays e-greetings, many people think of simple animated email cards that offer just a touch of personalization in a printed message displayed at the end of the card. But if that’s your idea of a digital Christmas card, you’re missing out! Today you can create highly personalized digital greetings that include your own photos, your own personalized text, and your choice of music and other options. You can even create an entire digital Christmas letter that you can send to your friends and family online. It’s easy and requires no special skills. If you can drag and drop photos, you’ll be able to create a digital Christmas letter you’ll be proud to share.

One of the best ways to create a digital Christmas letter online is use Smilebox. This popular site can help you create personalized Christmas letters, holiday slideshow, invitations, photo greeting cards and more in four easy steps. And best of all, the basic version is free! Just follow these steps.

1. Download the Smilebox Application
To create your digital Christmas letter, visit Smilebox and download their app. it’s free, easy, safe and will give you access to hundreds of Smilebox designs for Christmas, other holidays and every day use. (Note that the site plays music, so be sure to turn down your computer speakers if you don’t want others hearing the music, or turn the sound on if you want to enjoy the music.)

2. Pick Your Digital Christmas Letter Template

When you open your Smilebox application, you’ll be see a wide selection of templates you can select for your electronic Christmas letter. Smilebox has more than 1000 designs separated into categories that make it easy to select the perfect one. You can browse the templates by format (newsletters, photo cards, slideshows, invitations, recipes, calendars, etc.) or by occasion (holidays, weddings, birthdays, etc.). Choose Holidays and then Christmas to see all the formats for the Christmas season. To create a Christmas letter, select Newsletters to view the available options.

3. Personalize Your Christmas Letter

After you select your Christmas letter template, you can start personalizing your digital Christmas letter.

Smilebox makes this easy. To get started, go to the right-hand column that gives you options to Choose Your Music, Choose Your Layout, Choose Your Title and Choose Your Font Title. Select the options you prefer.

Now go to the left-hand column and look for the options to Get Photos. Choose how you’d like to add photos and select the images you want to put in your newsletter. When you add photos to Smilebox, they’ll show up in the left column and you can then drag and drop them into your electronic Christmas letter template. If you want to move a picture, just drag it to the new place and drop it. If you want to change a photo, simply drag another photo into the template.

After you’ve finishing adding photos, you can start writing your holiday letter. To do this, just highlight the sample text and start typing. Your words will then appear in the template and you’ll be able to see what it will look like as you go.

When you’re done writing, click Preview to see your digital Christmas letter, including the Smilebox animation and music you’ve chosen.

4. Share, Save, Print or Burn to DVD

If you like the preview, be sure to save your creation. Otherwise, go back and make changes until you’re satisfied. After you’ve completed and saved your project, you can choose to send it via email or share it online. Both options are completely free and are supported by ads that appear on the screen next to your Smilebox creation.

You can, however, upgrade to a full-screen ad-free version of your digital Christmas letter for a small fee. These premium letters can also be printed at home or burned to DVD. Sign up for the two-week free trial membership to Club Smilebox and you can get the premium features at no cost for 14 days. Check out Smilebox now to create your own digital Christmas letter!