Some days it can be challenging to find non-electronic gifts for kids. It seems like everything takes batteries or plugs in! But what if you want to give a more “old-fashioned” gift that doesn’t talk, buzz, or wind up. If you’re looking for a great non-electronic gift for a young child this Christmas, a personalized storybook is a great idea. Kids will love being the star of their own book!

These fun stories are great for reading before bedtime or enjoying with a nice cup of warm cocoa. Each one is colorfully illustrated and includes your child’s name multiple times throughout the book. You can find personalized children’s Christmas books at Amazon and specialty retailers such as Frecklebox. There are plenty of options, including personalized versions of classic tales such as “The Night Before Christmas,” as well as original stories that weave your child’s name into the book. Some books will also allow you to add the gift recipient’s name in the book’s dedication page.

If you don’t want a book specifically about the holidays, you’ll also find plenty of other options to let kids star in their own books. There are personalized stories with super heroes, Disney characters, and many other tales kids will enjoy.

Personalized books are a great way to get kids interested in reading, as they’ll love hearing their name and finding it in the book. And they make great keepsakes, too! If you’re looking for a personal gift that keeps on giving, customized Christmas books are a great option.

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