Complete Santa Letter Template Package

If you have several children or grandchildren in your family and you’d like a variety of letter designs to use for years to come, we offer the Complete Santa Letter Template Package. Save approximately 50% off the price if you purchased each item individually and get these great features:

– 6 Santa Letter Templates
– 2 Santa’s Nice List Certificates
– 3 Santa Letter Envelopes
– 3 Alternate Letter Text

– Reusable Designs That Can Be Used for Multiple Children
– Immediate Delivery Via Download Link (requires ability to unzip a zipped file)
– Easy Customization in Microsoft Word (requires MS Word 97 or newer)
– Save almost 50% off the individual purchase price
– Secure checkout through PayPal (no PayPal account required)

All documents are for personal, noncommercial use only.
No resale allowed. By purchasing this package, you are agreeing to these conditions.

Santa letter Templates Complete package

– 6 Santa Letter Designs ($23.94 value)

– 2 Nice List Certificate Designs ($5.98 value)

– 3 Santa letter envelope designs!

free Santa letter envelope

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Includes ALL Santa letter templates and Nice List Certificates, plus free Santa letter envelope

The Complete Santa Letter Template Package is delivered via a zip file for the Santa letters and Nice List certificates and a separate Word file for the free Santa letter envelopes and alternate text. You will need a program to unzip the letter file. To use the documents inside, you will need Microsoft Word 97 or newer. These letters will NOT work with other programs, including Microsoft Works.

The Santa letter envelope designs are also saved as MS Word documents. Simply open one up and add your child’s name and (optional) address to create a great-looking envelope for your child’s letter from Santa Claus.

We also offer individual Santa letter templates and Santa letter/Nice List combo packs.