kids christmas carols“I’m taking the kids to Fiesta Texas to sing,” my sister said into the phone. “It’s cool. You can hear it all over the park … the sound of kids Christmas carols just seems to float through the cold.”

I envisioned her choir of 32 excited, chattering elementary school students, Fiesta Texas and Christmas excitement. That moment, I elevated her to sainthood.

Whether you’re a music teacher or not, you have to admit: kids singing Christmas music is one of the most wonderful parts of the holiday. It warms our hearts in even the most chilling winter gale. There are the classics, of course, and new songs to celebrate the season.

Some classics that kids enjoy:
Do You Hear What I Hear – Kids love the imagery of wind whispering secrets to animals, and animals letting people know what’s going on. It tells the story of the nativity in a way kids really enjoy.

The Twelve Days of Christmas – This one has been a childhood favorite almost from the day it was written. Kids smile at the thought of getting swimming swans, leaping lords (I used to think it said frog) and, of course, a bird in a tree. What a weird batch of gifts!

For some new kids Christmas carols, look at Maynard’s Groovy Bible Tunes. They have a great selection of worship songs epecially designed to celebrate the season. Also check out Resources for Christian teachers. Both pages have activities and games that celebrate the birth of Christ.

Of course, kids always enjoy any song that includes imagery of Santa and reindeer, too! Whatever kids Christmas carol you choose, put it on the CD player, find color pages that fit the song. and color, dance and sing until you’re laughing out loud.

Whether you choose traditional kids Christmas carols or newer tunes, music makes Christmas special for all of us.

– Debora Dyess