Share holiday moments!
Some people love writing Christmas letters every year, while others dread it. Some of us like the IDEA of an annual update that lets everyone know what’s been happening in our lives, but actually sitting down to create it can be a chore. Let’s face it – not everyone enjoys writing. So why limit yourself to the idea that your letter must be a, well, letter?? Get creative with these family Christmas letter ideas.

1. Create a Multimedia Greeting
If you absolutely hate writing, go high-tech with a multimedia greeting that lets your pictures tell the story. There are plenty of options today that make it easy to create digital cards, slideshows and scrapbooks. Try an online service such as Smilebox that allows you to upload multiple photos and your own text to any of hundreds of animated background designs. You can even add music. Then print it out, burn it to CD or DVD, or email it to your friends and family. Very little writing required!

2. Make a Top Ten List
This option does require writing, but if you can make a grocery list, you can do this, too! Rather than writing a letter, pick out some fun Christmas letter paper and print a top 10 list. Ideas for lists range from sports activities for the kids to best moments on vacation. Include baby’s top ten new words, or your kindergartner’s top ten favorite new books, movies or games. The top ten dumbest/cutest things said in the household is sure to be a hit, but keep careful notes through-out the year to make sure you get them all down!

christmas letter ideas - template3. Use a Template
Sometimes the hardest thing about writing a Christmas letter is trying to put everything in one flowing letter. So don’t. Try a Christmas letter template from a site such as Christmas Letter These easy-to-use Microsoft Word documents are preformatted with small boxes and blocks so you can write short blurbs about various events, incorporate lists such as suggested above, add photos and more. As with the suggestion above, you will need to do some writing, but only in small, painless chunks.

Hopefully these family Christmas letter ideas will make your letter more enjoyable for you AND your recipients!