Christmas Ornament -- Photo Christmas CardSending cards to your family and friends during the Christmas holidays is a great way to let them know you’re thinking about them, and it’s also a good idea for keeping in touch with business partners, customers and prospects. Many people send store-bought cards, but if you really want to make a personal impression on someone, photo cards add a special touch. Your family, friends and business associates will all enjoy receiving a personalized card, and they’ll remember it much longer than a generic card from a boxed card set.

Why? Because store-bought cards don’t have a personal touch. You’re limited to the same images and messages that everyone else is also buying on these preprinted cards. By creating your own holiday photo cards online, you can add a special photo and create your own message. You get to choose the color options, the fonts for outside and inside and you get to pick out just the right words to get across the message you want to say. Personalized Christmas cards are more fun to make AND to receive.

These days there is no shortage of places to create beautiful and unique Christmas cards online. You can choose a standard folding card or find some of the fun new options, such as a Christmas card ornament, newsletter holiday cards or other cool Christmas cards. Some popular sites that offer a variety of personalized photo cards are Shutterfly,, Pear Tree Greetings and others. Take a look at these card sites and you’re sure to find some wonderful and fun cards you’re bound to love. Then personalize them with your own photos and message. Rather than buying a box of cards that will quickly end up in the trash, you’ll be creating a keepsake that you (and probably some members of your family) will want to keep in a scrapbook for years to come.